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How to change...
your life,
your career,
your business,
+ find your purpose.

The ultimate guide to reinventing how you live, work and lead, backed by cutting-edge science and inspiring true stories.

The profound disruptions of recent years have sparked a collective reckoning, a global reset. But in truth, almost everyone goes through this kind of reappraisal at least once in their life—and probably far more often than that. Whatever the catalyst, it prompts in us the urgent need to pivot, to ask the question:


What’s next - and how do I get there?


In NEXT, bestselling author and journalist Joanne Lipman distills hundreds of personal interviews along with the latest scientific research to answer just this question. Her irresistible storytelling takes us from the laboratories of neuroscientists to the boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies, to the frontlines of the social justice movement, to explore how and why transformations succeed - and pitfalls to avoid. 

At its heart, NEXT! offers a thrilling argument: that by harnessing the science and understanding the process, we can better understand how to reinvent that new career, change the direction of our lives, or inspire innovation in our organizations. It provides a toolkit that shows how to make meaningful transitions – large or small –and to figure out for ourselves what’s Next!

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James Patterson,
No. 1 bestselling author,
Along Came a Spider

“NEXT! is brilliant. It’s an invaluable handbook to help you climb out of that lifestyle or job rut, or make the jump to a second or third career, or take a big breath and reach for the stars.


Katie Couric,
No. 1 bestselling author, Going There 

"Next! is the book everyone needs right now--inspiration to embrace change and a push to take control of your future. ".


Adam Grant,
No.1 bestselling author,Think Again, and host of Re:Thinking

“Success and well-being depend on learning to anticipate and ride waves of change.... (this) engaging book is filled with useful ideas for rethinking your next steps.”

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